Clothing Donation

​USAgain Clothing Donation Box 

You may drop off clothes, shoes or textiles that are clean and dry.

Schott’s Pharmacy partners with USAgain clothing recycling. We offer two large convenient drop boxes located on the east side of our building. USAgain aims to increase the amount of clothes, shoes, and household textiles diverted from waste in the US for the benefit of rewear, reuse, and recycle.

People all over the world depend on used clothes to dress their families. USAgain collects your used clothes and resells them to places where there is a great need for these items. Thus supporting the local & global economy in the process. You may drop off clothes, shoes, or textiles that are clean and dry. Please tie the items is a plastic bag. A sturdy plastic bag protects the clothes from dirt and simplifies handling.

Schott's Pharmacy was awarded the USAgain Green Seal of Sustainability Excellence in Recycling

For recycling 13,133 pounds of textiles in 2014 with the following environmental impacts:

  • Water: Saved enough water to supply 126 homes for a year.

  • Carbon Emissions: Prevented carbon emissions equivalent to a car driving 111,972 miles.

  • Landfill Waste: Avoided 76 cubic yards of landfill waste