Rug Doctor Rental

Rent the best name in carpet cleaning, the Rug Doctor® from Schott’s Pharmacy.

Rug Doctor® is the first and best name in the carpet cleaning rental industry. We rent the Rug Doctor® deep cleaning machines and sell professional cleaning solutions.

Whether you realize is or not, your carpet is the biggest filter in your house. The inside of your house acts like a trap for dust, dirt, and pet dander. In fact, indoor air usually contains twice as much dust as air outside.

The good news is, proper cleaning and maintenance of your carpet may improve the quality of air in your house. And you don’t need to call an expensive professional carpet cleaning team to get the job done right. 

A day with a Rug Doctor® deep cleaning carpet cleaner will clean your carpets and clear the air for the year. You will get a deep, easy clean at a great price. So, pick a date and clean your carpet yearly, and your family will thank you.