Mobility & Circulation

Our trained staff will measure your proper fitting size.


Stay mobile and keep more stable with a cane from Schott’s Pharmacy. We stock assorted canes to suit your needs and desire. Our canes are available as wooden, aluminum, adjustable, folding, colorful, and quad footed. 


For more even more stability, we have walkers available for rent or to purchase. Our folding walkers can be fitted with wheels or sliding skis to increase maneuverability. All walkers can be adjusted for proper height and individual fitting. Stay mobile get a walker.

Wheelchairs & Transport Chairs

If you are unable to walk, we can assist you in getting around with a lightweight wheelchair or transport chair. Our chairs are available to rent or purchase. Wheelchairs can be fitted to your size. We supply wheelchairs that are standard width, narrow width, or wide width. All wheelchairs have foot rests, and can be fitted with leg lifts when necessary. Come see our selection or have us deliver one to you home.

Crutches & Knee Scooters

Our crutches and knee scooters are available for rent or purchase. Using a knee walker/scooter is a great alternative to crutches for people recovering from below the knee injuries that require a non-weight-bearing (NWB) status. The scooters are designed with handlebar steering and hand breaks.

Compression Socks

Supportive stockings and compression stockings are available in a variety of styles, compression, and manufacturers. Our selection includes diabetic socks, men’s dress socks, athletic socks for men and women, maternity support-wear, and anti-embolism stockings. Many are available in knee high and thigh high. Therapeutic or medical legwear may require a prescription from your healthcare professional.