Medicare D Plans

It’s time for Medicare. You’re tuning 65, or you’re already 65 and getting ready to retire and lose your healthcare coverage. It’s time for your first Medicare plan.


Avoid the frustration of using the Medicare website. We make it fast and simple for you to choose a plan. We will help you save money and get the coverage you need.

Schott’s Pharmacy has the tools to help you navigate through the daunting task of trying to figure out which Medicare D plan is best for you. We can help you save money with Medicare Part D. We have the fastest Medicare Part D plan comparison available. With our help, we can show you your monthly costs, doughnut hole, and enrollment options in Medicare Part D. You don’t have to go to one of those big chain drug stores or use mail-order pharmacies to save money.

Let us help you choose a Medicare Plan D that fits your budget.

Call us today for an appointment. We will sit down with you and let you see all of the plans available. You can compare up to three Medicare Part D plans at a time.