Digital Photo Kiosk

Schott's Pharmacy is a Photo-Finishing & Photo-Printing Location for your digital photographs. 

Our digital photo kiosk is equipped with a SCANNER, CD/DVD DRIVE and a MEDIA DRIVE. Bring in your smart phone, digital camera memory card/stick, USB drive, other digital media or old photographs to Schott's Pharmacy.

You can create your own high quality photos in the pharmacy

Choose from matte or glossy prints. Make your prints any size, including 4x8, 4x6, 5x7, 6x10 and 8x12. Add borders or clip art on prints. Print photo enlargements, greeting cards, calendars, passport photos, collages and more.

You can manage your photos from home and choose Schott's Pharmacy as your Photo-Printing Location.

For Photo Editing Tools, Mobile Apps, Facebook and other Social Media Apps & Other Software Integrations click: LifePics Apps

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