Compounding for Pets

Veterinarian Compounding Services

The certified and experienced staff at Schott’s Pharmacy is qualified to professionally compound medications for vets and pets. Working with your veterinarian, Schott’s Pharmacy Compounding can help provide medication solutions for your pets.

Customized Medications & Dosages for your Pets

We understand that getting your pet to swallow a pill can be difficult if not impossible. We can create alternate dosage forms to make your life easier and your pet happier. Our customized dosage forms can be flavored to suit the desired flavor your pet will love.

Our pet medicine flavors include:

  • tuna
  • chicken
  • triple fish
  • beef
  • liver  
  • tutti-frutti

Alternative Dosages: Transdermal Gels & Creams

We also create alternative dosage forms: i.e. transdermal gels and creams. The transdermal gels are great to use when your pet refuses to swallow medication. The transdermal allows you to administer medications by rubbing a gel onto the ear of your pet.  

Individualized Care for your Pets

We can compound discontinued drugs and turn pet medications into pet treats. We customize dosage forms and strengths to suit the individualized needs of your pet. We know as a pet owner, you want your pet to receive the highest quality of care. We are committed to treating your pet with the finest individualized care.