About Us

Schott’s Pharmacy is a community pharmacy located along the Illinois River Valley in the city of Marseilles, Illinois. We have been proudly serving our community and surrounding area of Starved Rock Country including Ottawa, IL in LaSalle County for more than 40 years. We specialize in solving problems and meeting patient needs through compounding. Our pharmacists and technicians are trained and educated in the art and science of compounding.

We work together with physicians, veterinarians and patients to create personalized medications. We know that one size does not fit all. Our custom compounded medications can be flavored to appeal to you or your pet's tastes. For patients who are unable or unwilling to swallow medications, we can compound meds into transdermal gels to be applied to the skin.

We work with patients and medical providers who are unsatisfied with commercially available manufactured hormone supplementation. Working with your healthcare provider, we create solutions using BHRT: bio-identical hormone therapy customized to balance your hormone levels.